Maywood Arlington VA

Maywood Arlington VA

Established: 1909
Approximate Number of Households: 400
Housing Style: Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, Bungalow, Sears Catalog
Maywood Townhouses: None
Maywood Condominiums: Maywood Mews, Dominion Heights
Maywood Apartment Complexes: Cherry Hill Apartments, Morene Apartments
Area Amenities: Lyon Village Shopping Center, Thrifton Hills Park, Maywood Park, Lee Centre, Cherrydale Hardware

Maywood in 2 sentences:
Maywood is a historic neighborhood that combines classical charm with modern living. Located in a highly desirable part of Arlington County, Maywood thrives at providing its residents with a welcoming ambiance all the while being walking distance to Clarendon and just 2 stop lights to D.C.

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Maywood Neighborhood Description

Maywood’s history and development is among the most interesting in all of Arlington County. In this post, we will look at how Maywood was formed, what factors affected its development, and we will take a look at present-day Maywood.

The History of Maywood

Maywood dates all the way back to 1909 when it was built as a trolley suburb for the Great Falls & Old Dominion Railway. Thrifton Junction, which is now the Lyon Village Shopping Center, was a major hub in the early days of the railway (which was later named the Washington & Old Dominion Railway). The neighborhood quickly developed through the late 1920’s, and then started decreasing in the 1930’s. Maywood was advertised as a calmer alternative to the hustle and bustle that an urban, city atmosphere that most people working in Washington D.C. were used to.

Maywood in Arlington VA was originally plotted out of four separate parcels of land that added up to 73 acres of land. Hugh Thrift was a prominent developer in Maywood. In addition to Maywood, Thrift was also the developer for the nearby Woodmont neighborhood. Together, Woodmont and Maywood became known as “Thrifton Village”.

After WWII, Maywood expanded and new houses were being constructed on the outer parts of the neighborhood along Lorcom Lane. Cherry Hill Apartments were built int the 1960’s, adding a multi-family building to the almost all exclusive single-family dwellings that occupied Maywood. In the 1970’s, Maywood Mews, a townhouse style condominium complex, was built. There would eventually be a second phase of Maywood Mews that was built along North Lincoln Street.

One of the biggest changes to the neighborhood was the construction of Interstate 66. The highway would cut through part of the neighborhood, disrupting the culture and potentially setting a precedent for further development in Maywood. More than 25 houses in Maywood either had to be demolished or moved to another location. I-66 would go on to open in 1982.

Since the 1980’s there has been some improvements and construction, but mostly additions and carefully-planned renovations. Since becoming recognized as Historic, homes in Maywood that are being renovated must go through a vigorous process to ensure that the renovation is approved to meet the Historical guidelines. The guidelines are set in place to help preserve the quality and image of the neighborhood. It is for this reason that new homes for sale in Maywood are rare. They do happen because some older houses in Maywood are in disrepair, but new construction homes for sale in Maywood are extremely rare.

Housing Styles

Since most homes in Maywood Arlington VA were built between 1909 and the early 1930’s, homes will fall under the same category. The most popular types of homes are American Foursquare, Bungalow, Cape Cod, Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, and Craftsman. There is no single block with all one type of house. This was done to add an architectural diversity so no street in Maywood was seen superior to another. Back decks and backyards are extremely popular in Maywood. Most houses are set off the street so residents enjoy a front yard. Garages are a little more rare. Demanding a two-car garage in Maywood would be a lost cause. However, most houses do have off-street parking and potentially a detached garage/shed/storage space at the end of their respective driveway.

Maywood Today

The first 4th of July event in Maywood was held in 1916, and 100 years later residents are still gathering for large holidays to celebrate. Maywood is small in a geographical sense and in a community sense. Maywood residents know each other and look out for each other. Of course there will always be exceptions, but Maywood has arguably done the best job of any neighborhood in Arlington to preserve its history and keep the quality and feel of the neighborhood the same for generations in the past, setting it up for continued success for the generations in the future.
Maywood Arlington VA