Cherrydale Arlington VA

Cherrydale Arlington VA

Cherrydale in 2 sentences: The Cherrydale neighborhood features older, renovated homes on quiet, tree-lined streets that create a quaint, small-town feel. Located walking distance to urban amenities like Metro and restaurants as well as outdoor amenities like parks and ponds, Cherrydale encapsulates everything that makes Arlington a great place to live. 

Established: 1893
Approximate Number of Households: 1,439
Housing Style: Colonial, Cape Cod, Crafstman, Queen Anne
Cherrydale Townhouses: Bromptons at Cherrydale, Barrington II, Lauderdale, Albrittain, Quincy Elms (detached homes in HOA), Farrington Ridge (detached homes in HOA)
Cherrydale Condominiums: 38 Place, Stone Ridge Knoll
Cherrydale Apartment Complexes: Hunter’s Park at Cherrydale (62+), Lincoln Arms Apartments
Area Amenities: Oakgrove Park, Starbucks, Chipotle, Upper Crust Pizzeria, Safeway, Washington-Lee High School, Custis Trail, Duck Pond, Cherry Valley Park, Cherrydale Park, Portobello’s, Cherrydale Hardware, Carriage House

Cherrydale Arlington VA Homes for Sale

Cherrydale Arlington VA Neighborhood Description

The Cherrydale neighborhood is located just north of I-66 and it is bounded by North Utah Street on the west, I-66 on the east, and the northern boundary extends just past Lee Highway bordering the Maywood neighborhood on the east, and Military Road and Vacation Lane on the west. 

Cherrydale was founded all the way back in 1893 and the Cherrydale Citizen’s Association was formed a few years later making it the second oldest association in Arlington.

Cherrydale’s inception began around the early 1900’s when The Great Falls and Old Dominion Railway was established that set up easy rail transportation from Georgetown running through Cherrydale all the way out to Great Falls. This railway was eventually bought by Arlington County in 1935 and converted into what is now Old Dominion and and parts of Lee Highway which helped to pave the way for the retail that we see clustered along Lee Highway now. 

Downtown Cherrydale Arlington VA is the area just east of the Five Points Intersection that has neighborhood shops and restaurants. Business range from salons, to restaurants, to the neighborhood hardware store.

Cherrydale Hardware has been in business since 1938 and is a staple in the community. With all the gentrification and new hip businesses that opening up shop in Arlington, it makes you value Cherrydale Hardware even more because you just don’t find the level of customer service or the inventory that you would at the other big box stores. 

One cool thing to know about Cherrydale Hardware is that above it is the Cherrydale Masonic Lodge. Meetings still take place and the community is still very active.

Across the street from Cherrydale Hardware is another iconic building in the neighborhood; The Cherrydale volunteer fire department. The department was organized in 1898 and the building that you see today was originally built in 1919. It is the oldest volunteer fire department in the County. The building is now used for community events as the fire station has moved just down the street to Old Dominion Drive. 

Looking at the houses and real estate in Cherrydale, we started to see homes being built right around the early 1900’s. Most homes have since been renovated or in the case of some, bought out, torn down, and new homes have taken the place of old pre-war residences. The inventory is mostly made up of single-family homes, although there are some condo buildings, apartment buildings, and a few townhouses as well.

For the most part, we’re going to be talking single-family homes.  Now, generally speaking, you’re going to have 3 types of homes in Cherrydale. The first is going to be the run-down older homes from the 1920’s or so. These homes represent a minuscule fraction of the housing inventory. To give you an idea, around one of 20 homes in Cherrydale will meet this description. These could be rental homes, maybe the owner has moved out of state or the property is being managed long-term by a property management company. These homes could be owner-occupied homes that have not been well-kept, or frankly they could just be older Sears homes that have just not been renovated ever. As we are seeing developers eye Cherrydale homes for sale more and more recently, it will be interesting to see what happens to these older homes that may end up being sold to a developer the next time the home changes hands. 

The second type of home that we’ll find in Cherrydale is the older bungalow, Cape Cod, or rambler from the early 1900’s that has been well-maintained. Maybe it has an addition, or maybe the interior has been renovated. This will be the most common type of home found in Cherrydale.  Don’t be scared off by the year that the home was built. In fact, that’s why a lot of people enjoy living in Cherrydale because it has a lot of history and it dates back over 100 years. You can have new on the inside, but the home itself will be significantly older. It’s going to have character. That’s why people like living in Old Town Alexandria, or maybe a historic condo in DC where the building dates back 100 years but the interior is completely re-done. The charm of these homes can not be replicated and it’s what attracts a lot of people to Cherrydale. 

And the third type of home that we have in Cherrydale are the new construction builds. The two types of houses I just mentioned are being torn down and new homes are being built that are 5-6 bedrooms and have 4-5 bathrooms. New construction homes are starting at around $1.5 million. Cherrydale is an attractive neighborhood for developers because you have these older homes from the 1920’s sitting on prime lots that are less than a mile away from the Metro. So needless to say, you’re going to have developers chomping at the bit to get their hands on the land.

That’s a general look at the houses, obviously there are exceptions, usually you can group Cherrydale houses into one of the 3 above categories, but what’s nice about the houses in the neighborhood is that there is significant variety. Sometimes when new construction homes come into a neighborhood that has a homogeneous housing style, think Williamsburg Boulevard with the 1940’s brick ramblers then you have these mammoth houses next to 5 small houses in a row, and then another large new home and it will completely throw off the character and ambiance of the neighborhood, You don’t get that in Cherrydale. You have a mix. At this point, you have a lot of older homes on quiet, tree-lined streets and it really makes for a quaint, small-town feel within the community. 

Throughout the years, Cherrydale has remained one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Arlington. It’s walkability, small-town feel, and great location propel it into the upper echelon of neighborhoods in Arlington. Newer homes are being built in the community that will slightly alter the look and feel of the neighborhood, yet the majority of homes in Cherrydale are from the early 1900’s and will remain in tact and in the hands of homeowners (and not builders) for years to come. 

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