Where Does Pentagon City End and Crystal City Begin?

crystal city sunset

In the past few years, Crystal City has become a cool place to hang out. There, that’s a sentence I never thought I would write.

With events like Fridays at the Fountain, a weekly farmer’s market, 5K Fridays, and more, Crystal City is proving that yes, there are people that stay in the neighborhood to do things after the clock strikes 5 pm.

But if you haven’t been to Crystal City in a while, do you know where it is? Sure you know where the Crystal City Metro stop is, but do you know where Pentagon City ends and Crystal City starts?

The boundaries of Crystal City are one of the great geographical mysteries of Northern Virginia, right up there with: “What exactly is considered ‘Falls Church’?”

Luckily, the Crystal City BID has you covered:

crystal city bid-boundary-sm-page-001

The Business Improvement District is bounded by 33rd St and Fort Scott Drive on the south, Eads and Fern Street on the west, Army Navy Drive and 395 on the north, and the GW Parkway and Crystal Drive on the east.

To include the southern-most tip of Crystal City, we’re going to add in Google’s interpretation of Crystal City’s boundary’s as well:

crystal city boundary

The overall rule-of-thumb to follow here is to basically use South Eads Street as the divider between Crystal City and Pentagon City/Aurora Highlands.

Crystal City is finally cool and you should check it out. My favorite places to patronize are Earth Treks, We The Pizza, Long Bridge Park, and Highland RxR.