Arlington Rapper Hovey Benjamin’s New Music Video Goes Viral; Tops 1 Million Views in 2 Days

Arlington rapper and hip-hop artist Hovey Benjamin released his most recent video, Sweet Sixteen, on March 7th. In less than 24 hours, the video was trending in Brazil and Germany and had racked up almost 900,000 views. The next day it topped 1 million views.

4,000 comments later, many of which are in different languages, the video is still going strong and is closing in on 1.2 million views less than three days after it had been released.

Buoyed by a faux press release that claimed the video was a clip from a reboot of MTV’s My Sweet Sixteen, outlets ran with the story. Apparently, outlets missed the part of the press release that said the release was intended as a parody.

The song, which is definitely NSFW, chronicles a drug dealer that is struggling to learn the metric system.

The video, which is definitely very NSFW, shows a girl celebrating her sweet sixteen that starts out as a tame family affair and quickly turns into a drug and alcohol-filled family affair.

Hovey Benjamin lives in Los Angeles and was recently signed to a record deal. Hovey grew up in Arlington and went to Yorktown High School.