Jay’s Saloon in Clarendon is Closing May 31st. No, For Real this Time

Jay's Clarendon

UPDATE: Jay’s is actually closing May 18th.

Sources say that Jay’s Saloon, which has been slated to be razed for years now, is officially closing May 31st.

Jay’s is one of the last dive bars in Clarendon. On any given night, it is moderately-filled with an eclectic mix of regulars, wanna-be regulars, and lost 21-year olds looking to chug a few cheap light beers before heading on to Mister Dudes Days.

Jay’s will be sorely missed by all. And it’s sad. It will be even sadder that the new tenants of 10th St Flats will have no idea of Jay’s past existence once the new rental community is up and running in a few years.

There’s not too much else to say about it.

With Jay’s gone, it vacates its spot as the best bar in Clarendon so here is an updated, definitive list of the best Clarendon bars:

542942. Mad Rose Tavern
4. Spider Kelly’s
2. Hunan (but only on Thursday nights. Avoid at all costs after 10pm on Friday and Saturday. P.S. Would it kill you to turn down the speakers a little bit?)
1. Whitlow’s

This list is not up for debate.

I’ll see you at Jay’s patio this weekend for one last pitcher of Red Hook. Go Chiefs.