A Look at Barry Trotz’s House in Clarendon

barry trotz arlington house

Whew. Finally, it’s October 9th.

Hockey season officially started for me when the Nationals went down with little more than a whimper to the San Francisco Giants a few nights ago. But for the Washington Capitals, it officially starts tonight at 7pm at the Phone Booth against the Montreal Canadiens. This is the first year in recent memory that the Capitals are not predicted to win the division, or even come in second. Okay, maybe a few analysts have them in second, but for the most part predictions have got them right around the 3-5 spot in the Metro, with an eye on one of the last playoff spots.The three biggest story lines in my mind to follow are:

  • Tracking the free agent acquisitions of Brooks Orpik and Matt Niskanen
  • Is there finally a solution to the second-line center with the addition of recent draft pick Andre Burakovsky?
  • How will Alex Ovechkin mesh with new bench boss Barry Trotz?

I gave up my Capitals’ blogging after I left The Hockey Writers in 2009, so instead of going all fancy stats on you guys, we’re going to work my two favorite passions into one and take a look at Caps hockey and Arlington VA real estate. I still have not figured out if I will just profile Trotz’ home or make this a series. I do not want to come across as someone who spends too much time perusing tax records, but it could be kinda cool to know you live down the street from the team.

Note: No addresses or Google Maps will be provided in this article. The goal of this is not so you can sit outside Trotz’ home and ask him who will dress as the 6th defenseman. But more as a primer that there are notable figures living in our community.

That being said, let’s take a look at the house Barry Trotz and his family recently purchased…

I want to take you back to early summer. My business partner and I were on a listing appointment with an owner of a house in Lyon Park. Like most homes in Lyon Park, it was an expanded bungalow built in the mid 1920’s set back from the street with a sizeable yard. This is not a story about how we sold Barry Trotz his home; we didn’t. In fact, we did not even get the listing for the appointment we were on. I tell you this because in my scrupulous efforts to gather the best comps to impress a homeowner, I came across a house on North Highland. This is significant for two reasons: 1) I grew up on Highland Street a few blocks away from said house and 2) it was a great comp. The only problem was that it sold for over list price. Well that’s not necessarily a problem. It happens. Demand is strong in Lyon Park and the surrounding neighborhoods which bump the price up.

No, it sold significantly over list price. Like $200,000 over list price. What the heck? This must be an outlier. An anomaly. A mistake. Nope. As it turned out, there were supposedly 14 offers on the house. 14! This is the world we live in.

Could you imagine the bum (by bum I mean extremely well-off and successful buyer) that put in an offer $50,000 over list price and smugly sat back, without one iota of doubt that they would be get outbid? WELL YOU HAVEN’T NEGOTIATED AGAINST BARRY TROTZ BEFORE. Barry Trotz does not negotiate with low ballers. I just felt like saying that last part. It rolled off my tong–er, uh, keyboard.

Without further ado, here is Barry Trotz’ home in Lyon Park (5 minute walk to Clarendon):


barry trotz arlington house

Front Porch

Living Room

Living Room

Family Room

Dining Room

Wow look at that stove!

Master Bedroom

Third Bedroom

Sleeping Porch




Oh, price. Right. $1.137M. That could almost get you one Eric Fehr (1st line! Sniper alert!). Or two Philipp Grubauers.

I think one thing is certain: Barry Trotz misses Nashville’s uniforms.

Photos via Metropolitan Regional Information Systems